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Font sizes

The fontSizes prop allows you to adjust the size of the different text elements within each card. By specifying the font sizes for the cardSubtitle, cardText, cardTitle, and title properties, you can customize the font sizes for each text element within the card.

The fontSizes prop takes an object as its value, with each property corresponding to a specific text element and its associated font size.

Default font sizes

cardSubtitleThe font size of the subtitle in a card0.85rem
cardTextThe font size of the text in a card1rem
cardTitleThe font size of the title in a card1rem
titleThe font size of the main title in the component1rem


import React from 'react';
import { Chrono } from 'react-chrono';

const data = [
    title: "January",
    cardTitle: "First month of the year",
    cardSubtitle: "Subtitle for January",
    cardDetailedText: "Some details about January",
    title: "February",
    cardTitle: "Second month of the year",
    cardSubtitle: "Subtitle for February",
    cardDetailedText: "Some details about February",

const Timeline = () => {
  return (
        cardSubtitle: '0.85rem',
        cardText: '0.8rem',
        cardTitle: '1rem',
        title: '1rem',

export default Timeline;


Released under the MIT License.