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Timeline Titles

As you create a timeline using the React-Chrono library, it's essential to understand how to label each timeline item. Typically, the title prop of the timeline item is utilized to achieve this. However, an alternative approach is to use the date prop to generate date labels. This prop accepts a date object and utilizes the powerful Day.js library to format and render an appropriate title.

If you wish to customize the date format of your timeline item titles, the titleDateFormat prop allows you to pass a custom format string. By doing so, you can tailor the date presentation to suit your needs. Here is an example of how to use titleDateFormat to format the date in a way that highlights the day of the week and the month:


when date prop is used, the title prop is ignored.

import { Chrono } from "react-chrono";

function Timeline() {
  const items = [
      date: new Date("2022-03-25T10:00:00Z"),
      cardTitle: "Card Title 1",
      cardSubTitle: "Card Subtitle 1",
      date: new Date("2022-03-28T14:00:00Z"),
      cardTitle: "Card Title 2",
      cardSubTitle: "Card Subtitle 2",

  const titleDateFormat = "YYYY-MM-DD";

  return (
    <Chrono items={items} titleDateFormat={titleDateFormat} mode="VERTICAL" />


The titleDateFormat prop is optional. If you do not pass a value to this prop, the default date format will be used MMM DD, YYYY.

In this example, we pass a custom date format string to the titleDateFormat prop, which uses the Day.js library to format the date object for each timeline item.

Released under the MIT License.