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Horizontal Mode

In horizontal mode, React-Chrono displays timeline cards horizontally, providing users with a new and visually distinct way to display events. By default, only one timeline card is displayed at a time. Users can navigate through the cards using the navigation arrows or the keyboard.

To display all the timeline cards at once, developers can set the showAllCardsHorizontal prop to true. This prop enables users to scroll through the entire timeline horizontally and view all the timeline cards.


Adjusting the Space Between Timeline Cards

React-Chrono's horizontal mode also allows developers to adjust the space between each timeline item using the itemWidth prop. This prop accepts a value in pixels and sets the width of each timeline card, allowing developers to customize the distance between each card.


import React from 'react';
import { Chrono } from 'react-chrono';

const items = [
    title: "January 2022",
    cardTitle: "Event 1",
    cardSubtitle: "Event 1 Subtitle",
    cardDetailedText: "This is the first event on the timeline.",
    title: "February 2022",
    cardTitle: "Event 2",
    cardSubtitle: "Event 2 Subtitle",
    cardDetailedText: "This is the second event on the timeline.",
    title: "March 2022",
    cardTitle: "Event 3",
    cardSubtitle: "Event 3 Subtitle",
    cardDetailedText: "This is the third event on the timeline.",

const HorizontalTimeline = () => {
  return (

export default HorizontalTimeline;

In the example above, the itemWidth prop is set to 150, which creates a space of 150 pixels between each timeline card. The showSingle prop is set to true, which displays only one timeline card at a time.

Released under the MIT License.