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Timeline Point

The Timeline Point is an interactive point in the timeline track that represents an event or a moment in time.


Supported Shapes

Three different shapes are supported for the timeline points: circle (default), diamond, or square. You can choose any of these shapes by setting the timelinePointShape property in the configuration object.


The size of the timeline point can be changed by setting the timelinePointDimension property to a numerical value representing the width and height of the point in pixels.

Custom Icons

If you are not satisfied with the default shapes, you can also use custom icons to represent your timeline points. Please refer to the Icons documentation to learn how to use custom icons instead of default shapes.


import React from "react";
import { Chrono } from "react-chrono";

const items = [
    title: "Item 1",
    cardTitle: "Card 1",
    cardSubtitle: "Subtitle 1",
    cardDetailedText: "Detailed text 1",
    title: "Item 2",
    cardTitle: "Card 2",
    cardSubtitle: "Subtitle 2",
    cardDetailedText: "Detailed text 2",
    title: "Item 3",
    cardTitle: "Card 3",
    cardSubtitle: "Subtitle 3",
    cardDetailedText: "Detailed text 3",

function MyTimeline() {
  return (

The timelinePointShape prop is set to "square", which specifies that the timeline points should be rendered as squares instead of the default circles.

Additionally, the timelinePointDimension prop is set to 30, which specifies the dimensions of the timeline points in pixels. By default, the dimensions of the timeline points are 16px.

Released under the MIT License.